The Honeymoon for Newcomers’ special offer is available to all new players on GGPoker and Natural8. You have 30 days to complete all 30 missions. The total bonus for completing all 30 missions is $301 USD in cash and tournament tickets.

30 Day Mission List is here to help you complete all 30 missions. Here is our complete list of Honeymoon Missions, complete with videos, strategy tips, FAQs and more…

150 Hands of Holdem18mEasy -5.36
250 Hands of Omaha18mEasy 12.23
370 Hands of AoF11mEasy -4.16
410 Spin & Golds17mEasy 18.00
550 Hands of Short Deck20mOK -6.22
6Post a Straddle in Holdem01mSuper Easy -0.01
7100 Hands of Rush & Cash30mEasy 88.92
8Play a 5x in Spin & Gold22mOK -5.00
9Play a 3x in Spin & Gold05mEasy 0.00
10Get Dealt AA in AoF13mOK 0.54
11Perform No Look All-in01mSuper Easy 0.03
12Play 30 Spin & Golds33mOK 17.00
13Play a Daily Guarantee60mSuper Easy -15.00
14Win with a Full House03mOK 0.21
15100 Hands of Short Deck21mEasy -0.76
16200 Hands of Rush & Cash33mEasy 3.88
17Win with a Flush in AoF21mEasy 30.89
18Get Dealt AA in Holdem03mOK 47.72
19300 Hands of AoF Holdem29mEasy 37.66
20500 Hands of Rush & Cash60mEasy 102.50
21300 Hands of Holdem90mEasy-209.28
22Play 50 Spin & Golds48mEasy -60.00
23Win with Quads in Omaha01mOK 2.45
24300 Hands of Omaha68mEasy -56.52
25500 Hands of All-In or Fold36mEasy -6.96
26Win a Bounty Hunter MTT10hDEVILISH368.63
27500 Hands of Rush & Cash57mEasy -23.04
28Play a 10x in Spin & Gold4hFIENDISH -3.50
29700 Hands of Rush & Cash63mEasy 11.67
30Win All-In or Fold Jackpot8hFIENDISH-100.76
Complete Honeymoon for Newcomers Mission list

Honeymoon for Newcomers Bonus Payouts

Missions CompletedBonus Awarded
3 Missions4 * $0.25 USD Spin & Gold tickets
5 Missions$2.50 USD account balance
7 Missions5 * $1 USD Spin & Gold tickets
15 Missions$12.50 USD Tournament Dollars (T$)
20 Missions$20 USD account balance
25 Missions$110 USD Tournament Dollars (T$)
30 Missions$150 USD account balance
Total Bonus$301 USD

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