Select All-in or Fold from the game menu, choose your stake and join some tables. Play your hands as normal and wait to get dealt pocket aces.

What is the Day 10 Honeymoon Missions Challenge?

The Honeymoon for Newcomers Day 12 challenge is to get dealt double-aces in All-in-or-Fold Holdem. You must complete the mission within 24 hours.

How to Complete Day 10’s Mission

Time needed: 13 minutes

Here’s how to complete Day 12:

  1. Select Holdem

    Select Holdem from the game type bar.

  2. Select Stake, # Tables

    Select your stake, choose your number of tables.

  3. Click Play Now

    Start playing and wait until you get dealt 2 Aces.

Remember, our goal is to play in 30 tournaments before the 24 hours clock runs out.

Double-Aces Odds Calculator

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose with the aces, or even if you are crazy and fold them! This game is fast so you shouldn’t wait too long, there is a 50% chance that you’ll hit double-Aces within 150 hands.

Day 10 Strategy Tips

My simple strategy tip for this game is play any ace, king-ten up, suited broadway and medium pairs up. You can adjust this slightly based on your position, action before you, and the looseness or tightness of players behind you.

Day 10 Video

If you would prefer to watch the video on YouTube, here you go: Honeymoon Mission Day 10 Completed.

Day 10 Facts & Figures

Honeymoon Missions Day 10 Get Dealt AA in AoF Holdem
⚡ Difficulty OK
⏳ Time Taken 13m
🃏 Games Available AoF Holdem
🎲 Total Hands/Tourneys Played 75
💵 Mission Profit $0.54
💰 Total Profit $98.94
🎁 Today's BonusNext Bonus Day 15
🏆 Honeymoon Rewards to Date $8.50
Honeymoon Mission Day 10 Rating by 4CardMagic

Day 10 FAQs

How long does it take to complete Day 10 of Honeymoon Missions?

I took 18 minutes to Get Dealt AA in AoF Holdem. Today’s mission is very easy, and you shouldn’t need more than an hour at most to complete it.

What games can you play to complete Day 10 of the Honeymoon Challenge?

You need to play Holdem to complete Day 10 of the Newcomers’ Honeymoon Challenge.

How much is the bonus for completing Day 105 – Get Dealt AA in AoF Holdem worth?

Completing 10 challenges won’t pay any bonus, but it’s one step closer to 15 challenges which will unlock the next bonus: $12.50 USD Tournament Dollars (T$).

How difficult is it to complete Day 10 of the Honeymoon Challenge?

Day 10 is OK. You just need to wait until double-aces comes up.

Just Starting your Honeymoon Missions Journey?

Thanks for visiting my website designed to help you complete all the missions and get the maximum bonus possible from the GGNetwork. If you're just starting, please open an account with Natural8, or if you want to try again and haven't played with Natural8 yet. It really helps me to help you.

If you do sign up, I’m happy to become your Honeymoon Mission Mentor and help you complete the challenges with advice and coaching and extra videos.

Have a Question? Need my Help?

If you have a question about Day 10, just leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to help you out.

Barry Craig

Hi! I'm Barry Craig, and my mission is to help you finish your Honeymoon Mission. You can find me online using the handle "4 Card Magic". I've been a poker player for over 20 years. Playing in the World Series of Poker was always my dream, and I did that 3 times. I was the first ever Northern Ireland Poker Champion, with my biggest live tournament cash of £50,000. I have had many five figure online cashes, with my biggest $60,000 without ever playing in high-roller events. I only ever played in a handful of live tournaments and tended to be fortunate. You can check out my stats here: Barry Craig's Live Poker Stats.


Edi Hariyanto · December 24, 2020 at 10:57 am

Day 10

This is my unlucky mission after playing over 1500 hands AnF, I cant finished it and I decide to give up this one. not because no more balance to play, but because I have no time to play it.every mission reset at 7am (my time), I have go to work 7am – 3pm, back to home and have time to play at 7pm, after grinding 4 hours with some minor rest and take family dinner time, at 11pm so sleepy and cant take it more and tomorrow I have go work again. so this is my sadly part 🙁

Can you imagine play 1500 hands, there is no AA receive, what odds do I have? I realize I know I cant take all 30 days mission with beat jackpot AnF on day 30. so I make small mission to hit 25days with some juicy T$110

Start balance : $52.15
Time : ~4-5 hours(unfinished)
End balance : $38.33

    Barry Craig · December 24, 2020 at 4:36 pm

    Definitely an unlucky mission, Edi. I did some calculations and worked out the odds of not getting dealt AA within 1500 hands….

    It’s 872/1 against. That’s a bad beat!

D.Gardner · February 10, 2021 at 12:29 pm

I thought I was unlucky going 926 before hitting one!

    Barry Craig · February 13, 2021 at 1:52 pm

    Yes, you were unlucky, but not running as bad as poor Edi!

Evan Williams · February 15, 2021 at 12:03 pm

that was horrible, 4.5 hours of two tables before it hit – huge swings +£35 to -$20. this has to be one of the biggest variance games going. think myself luck to end up only $6 down…. 1365 hands…

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