This is a really good Honeymoon Mission. Pot Limit Omaha is a great game where you are more likely to see flops, turns and rivers with powerful made hands and strong draws. Select Omaha from the game menu bar, choose your stakes and then open the number of tables you are comfortable with.

Unlike yesterday’s mission, you can play sets aggresively

This mission should take just over 3 hours on one table. You can cut this down to about 50 minutes playing four tables and maybe a little less again at the smallest stakes. Rush & Cash fast poker tables do not count for this mission.

Honeymoon Challenge Day 24Play 300 Hands of Omaha
Time Taken68 minutes
Honeymoon Mission Rating by 4CardMagic

My strategy tip for today is to try to play starting hands that can get the nuts like hands that contain a suited Ace. The hand in the picture is a good example where I flop top set and also have a draw to the nut flush leaving my opponent very little chance to win.

Watch the Honeymoon for Newcomers full playthrough

Barry Craig

Hi! I'm Barry Craig, and my mission is to help you finish your Honeymoon Mission. You can find me online using the handle "4 Card Magic". I've been a poker player for over 20 years. Playing in the World Series of Poker was always my dream, and I did that 3 times. I was the first ever Northern Ireland Poker Champion, with my biggest live tournament cash of £50,000. I have had many five figure online cashes, with my biggest $60,000 without ever playing in high-roller events. I only ever played in a handful of live tournaments and tended to be fortunate. You can check out my stats here: Barry Craig's Live Poker Stats.


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