Similar to the first day’s challenge, we have to play 50 hands but this time it’s Omaha.

What is the Day 2 Honeymoon Missions Challenge?

The Honeymoon Missions Day 2 is simply to play 50 hands of Omaha.

How Much is the Prize for Completing Day 2 Challenge?

Day 2 wont pay out a direct bonus, but after 3 completed missions you’ll earn your very first Newcomer’s Honeymoon Bonus – 4x $0.25 Spin & Gold tickets.

Getting Started

We’re assuming you already have the Natural 8 App installed and set up.

How to start Day 2 Honeymoon Mission:

  1. Select Omaha

    Today we need to play Omaha, so select it from the game menu.

  2. Choose Your Stake

    Choose your desired playing stakes.

  3. Click Join

    Click the Join button to start a game.

  4. Choose the Amount

    You’ll be asked how much you want to bring to the table. I added $10.

  5. Join More Tables

    You can join more than 1 table by repeating steps 3-4 above.

Differences between Holdem and Omaha

  • In Omaha, you must use 2 of your hole cards to make your hand! You cannot use 1 hole card with the board, so if you have an Ace of Hearts in the hole and four hearts on the board, you do not have a flush. Similarly, if you have three hearts in your hole cards and two on the board, you don’t have a flush. You can only make a flush with your best two of a suit from within your hand and the best three of a suit on the board. The same applies for all other hands. If you get dealt four of a rank like 7h, 7c, 7s and 7d, it might look nice but it’s a terrible starting hand.
  • Bets sizes in Omaha are a maximum the size of the current pot. You cannot go all-in at anytime like in Holdem. This is why Omaha is often referred to as PLO for Pot Limit Omaha as opposed to NLH for No Limit Holdem. If there is $10 in the pot, the maximum bet permitted is $10.
  • Hand Equities run closer together. You will be less of a preflop favourite to win the hand with your most powerful holdings than in Holdem. In Holdem AsAd is 78% to win against JcTc for example. Compare this to a premium Omaha holding of AsAdKsKd versus a good rundown hand of JcTc9h8h and you would only have 61% chance of winning.
This is only a pair of aces, can’t get a flush, can’t get a straight

Omaha Strategy Tip

Choose starting hands where all the cards work together with each other, especially in early positions. JcTc9h8h is great because it is double suited and connected and can be played from all positions whereas a single dangler would adversely affect its post flop playability like JcTc9h3d and should be folded preflop in most circumstances.

Honeymoon Mission Day 2 Video

If you would prefer to watch the video on YouTube, here you go: Honeymoon Mission Day 2 Completed.

Honeymoon Mission Day 2 Details

Honeymoon Missions Day 2 Play 50 Hands of Omaha
⚑ Difficulty Easy
⏳ Time Taken 18m
πŸƒ Games Available Omaha
🎲 Total Hands/Tourneys Played 50
πŸ’΅ Mission Profit $12.23
πŸ’° Total Profit $6.87
🎁 Today's BonusNext Bonus Day 3
πŸ† Honeymoon Rewards to Date $0
Honeymoon Mission Day 2 Rating by 4CardMagic

Day 2 FAQs

How long did Day 2 of Honeymoon Missions take to complete ?

Day 2’s mission took just 18 minutes to play the 50 hands of Omaha required to complete the mission. Day 2’s mission is very easy.

What games can you play to complete Day 30 of the Honeymoon Challenge?

You must play Omaha to complete Day 2 of the Newcomers’ Honeymoon Challenge. You cannot complete Day 2 playing any game other than Omaha.

How difficult is it to complete Day 30 of the Honeymoon Challenge?

At just 18 minutes to complete 50 hands, Day 2’s Mission is extremely easy to finish.

Just Starting your Honeymoon Missions Journey?

Thanks for visiting my website designed to help you complete all the missions and get the maximum bonus possible from the GGNetwork. If you're just starting, please open an account with Natural8, or if you want to try again and haven't played with Natural8 yet. It really helps me to help you.

If you do sign up, I’m happy to become your Honeymoon Mission Mentor and help you complete the challenges with advice and coaching and extra videos.

Have a Question About Day 2? Need my Help?

Leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to help you out.

Honeymoon Mission Day 2 Challenge Level: Easy, only a short amount of time in a simple game at low stakes.

Barry Craig

Hi! I'm Barry Craig, and my mission is to help you finish your Honeymoon Mission. You can find me online using the handle "4 Card Magic". I've been a poker player for over 20 years. Playing in the World Series of Poker was always my dream, and I did that 3 times. I was the first ever Northern Ireland Poker Champion, with my biggest live tournament cash of Β£50,000. I have had many five figure online cashes, with my biggest $60,000 without ever playing in high-roller events. I only ever played in a handful of live tournaments and tended to be fortunate. You can check out my stats here: Barry Craig's Live Poker Stats.


Edi Hariyanto · December 15, 2020 at 2:06 am

Day 2

I have no experience play omaha, but try learn 1 or 2 things about it. Play it at lowest stake ($0.01/$0.02) did nice result with profit $3.33

Start Balance : $54.89
time : ~ 40 m(because play on 1 table)
End Balance : $58.22

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