Welcome to Day 3 of Honeymoon for Newcomers challenge. Today marks our very first bonus award, and I’ve got all the details here. I’m Barry Craig, and I’ll be your Sherpa across all 30 days of Honeymoon Missions!

What is the Day 3 Mission?

To complete Day 3 you have to play 70 hands of All-in or Fold (“AoF”) holdem.

How Much is the Bonus for Day 3?

Day 3 is when we received our very first bonus! The bonus Four * 25c “Spin and Gold” tickets worth $1 were claimed. Hold on to these, we might need them for tomorrow’s challenge!

Getting Started

We’re assuming you already have the Natural 8 App installed and set up.

How to start the Day 3 Mission:

  1. Choose “All-In or Fold”

    Choose “All-In or Fold” from the menu.

  2. Choose “Holdem”

    Now, select a holdem table.

Remember, our target is to play 70 hands of “AoF” holdem before our time runs out.

Tips for Completing Day 3

When you play All-in or Fold, you start with 8 big blinds. As the name of the game suggests, you cannot limp, or raise by less than your whole stack.

If you win, you can take money off the table at any time using the red chip minus bottom at the top right of your table.

We lost $4.16 and only took 11 minutes to complete this day 3 honeymoon mission and I rate this challenge as Easy!

Honeymoon Mission Day 3 Video

If you would prefer to watch the video on YouTube, here you go: Honeymoon Missions Day 3 – Play 70 hands of AoF holdem.

Day 3 Facts & Figures

Honeymoon Missions Day 3 Play 70 hands of AoF holdem
⚑ Difficulty Easy
⏳ Time Taken 11m
πŸƒ Games Available All-In or Fold Holdem
🎲 Total Hands/Tourneys Played 70
πŸ’΅ Mission Profit -$4.16
πŸ’° Total Profit $2.71
🎁 Today's Bonus4x $0.25 Spin and Gold Tickets
πŸ† Honeymoon Rewards to Date $1
Honeymoon Mission Day 3 Rating by 4CardMagic

Just Starting your Honeymoon Missions Journey?

Thanks for visiting my website designed to help you complete all the missions and get the maximum bonus possible from the GGNetwork. If you're just starting, please open an account with Natural8, or if you want to try again and haven't played with Natural8 yet. It really helps me to help you.

If you do sign up, I’m happy to become your Honeymoon Mission Mentor and help you complete the challenges with advice and coaching and extra videos.

Have a Question about Day 3? Need my Help?

Leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to help you out.

Barry Craig

Hi! I'm Barry Craig, and my mission is to help you finish your Honeymoon Mission. You can find me online using the handle "4 Card Magic". I've been a poker player for over 20 years. Playing in the World Series of Poker was always my dream, and I did that 3 times. I was the first ever Northern Ireland Poker Champion, with my biggest live tournament cash of Β£50,000. I have had many five figure online cashes, with my biggest $60,000 without ever playing in high-roller events. I only ever played in a handful of live tournaments and tended to be fortunate. You can check out my stats here: Barry Craig's Live Poker Stats.


Edi Hariyanto · December 16, 2020 at 2:16 am

Day 3

yesterday I played AnF alot and boost balance up to $94.89

Today with the challenge 70 hands AnF with easy because I already played alot thanks to $60 free challenge but I lost for this session. I have some issues about $60 challenge that in day 2 I did play over 300 hands AnF but didnt received bonus like they said in the promotion which is bonus $4 after play 200 hands AnF. email to them, but until now there is no answer. I hope soon get the solution.

Start Balance : $94.89
Time : ~15 m
End Balance : $87.43

    4 Card Magic · December 16, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    I lost a little in this challenge too. I can only speak for Natural8’s support which is instant live chat and fantastic. I always found GGPoker’s main skin to be slow to respond to emails but they always did eventually. Message me before your next AoF challenge and we’ll discuss hand ranges to try to get you into profit. Keep up the good work, Edi!

      Edi Hariyanto · December 17, 2020 at 2:12 am

      Thank you buddy. I know they dont have livechat which is make natural8 better for service support customer. Its okay for me. I will finish all challenge to make me know better about their AnF game.

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